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It’s hard to ignore the Elephant in the Room.

Elephant in the Room is a larger than life crowd pleaser of a wine. You cannot ignore it’s bold, full flavoured and sophisticated appeal. Laden with character and expansive in taste, Elephant in the Room gives drinkers what they want – full bodied and mouth-filling wines that deliver maximum pleasure. 

Celebrating varietals that fit the modern occasion, Elephant in the Room is crafted to deliver our signature big, full-flavoured sophistication with overwhelming consistency and character.

So when the moment calls for a loveable, elephant-esque dose of joy, keep things simple and grab a bottle of Elephant in the Room.


win a trip to burgundy!

Elephant in the Room has teamed up with Australia's favourite Pinot's to bring you the chance to visit Burgundy, the home of the Pinot grape!

eitr (4)_edited.png

Two people, 10 Days... What do you need to do?

Purchase a specially marked bottle of our Pinot Noir

Enter the QR code on the back of the neck tag

Get a trunk-load of your bags ready to fly! 

4th April - 27th June

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